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You’re beautiful.

Here’s what’s next...

Yay! We’re excited you’re interested in being a Baie Botanique Ambassador! There’s just one final step in the application process.

When you become an Ambassador, we’ll ask you to film videos about your Baie Botanique experiences. So we want to see how you film!

To finish your application, please record a sample video of yourself answering just ONE of the following three questions.

1. Why do you love Baie Botanique!?

2. What does “Green Beauty” mean to you?

3. What’s your favourite Baie Botanique product and why?

It’s your choice which question you answer!

And your video should be no more than five minutes. (It can be 30 seconds if you like! It’s up to you.) To ensure that we can see you properly, please make sure you're in a well-lit room and your face is visible when you film. Imagine your talking to your best friend!

You can film this short video on your phone, tablet, computer or video camera. All our welcome!

When you’re done, please email your video to our team at, with the words “Baie Ambassador Video” in the subject line. Or, you can upload the video online and attach the link of your video in your email.

(This way we can be absolutely certain we see it quickly!)

Once we watch your video, we’ll be reviewing your information. If we think it would be a great fit for both you and us, we’ll reach out to you via email!

Again, thanks for your interest! We can’t wait to see your video!

Need some inspiration before you submit? Check out our most recent video submission.


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