Each year various occasions come around that we feel compelled to give gifts for. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Christmas are all occasions in which we buy gifts for loved ones, and while it’s wonderful to take the time to invest in others, the gifting industry is clouded by excess, with many large brands using gifting as an opportunity to increase profit, instead of focusing on what really matters.

The most wonderful gift you can give is one that encourages someone to practice self care, but why not take that one step further, and choose to give a gift sustainably and ethically?


Our lifestyles are busier than ever before, meaning we have less and less time to be kind to ourselves. The truth is that it’s rare that we are able to put ourselves first, but this is something we should all make a habit of doing from time to time, to show ourselves the love and respect that we deserve. 

The act of self care is an important one. Without it we can easily feel overwhelmed, overworked and in some cases our self esteem and confidence can begin to suffer. Many of us find it difficult to step up for ourselves and commit to spending time and money on ourselves, which is why the gift of self care is a truly wonderful thing to do for someone else. 

Many of us need a gentle nudge - a reminder that we are worthy of our time, and that we should put ourselves first from time to time, and you can encourage this through thoughtful and considered gifting. 


Gifting shouldn’t come at the cost of others or our planet. When gifts are carefully considered, they go so much further. Around the special occasions that we all experience each year, there’s a lot of noise about buying bigger and better. It’s all about consumption, whereas really, it should be about the meaning behind the gift and the thought and care involved. 

When it comes to gifting, carefully considered gifts mean so much more. Of course consider the individual, and what’s really going to make a difference to them, but consider the impact your purchase has on others too. Wherever possible choose to invest in gifts that are sustainably and ethically produced. Vegan, organic, sustainable and ethically produced products are much kinder to the environment, and overall, they are kinder to your loved one too. While giving gifts is a kind and thoughtful act, your loved ones happiness shouldn’t come at the cost of others. 

At Baie Botanique, we take various measures to ensure our products are ethical and sustainable. We are certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA, and certified members of NoIssue's Eco Packaging Alliance. Our packaging is produced using Carbon Balanced Paper, and for every order we place an area of land is preserved. In addition, our products are made using natural and organic ingredients, making them kind to the skin, as well as the environment. 

Our Gift Store allows you to give the gift of self care, while also gifting in a sustainable and ethical way. 

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