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Recycling is very close to our founder, Sophie Oliver's, heart. Known by her friends as a bit of a stickler for recycling, often taking other people's rubbish home to make sure it gets recycled!

Our Baie Circular has been in the pipeline for some time, now it is finally here!

Introducing Baie Circular

Some of our product packaging has plastic or plastic and metal mix that requires specialist recycling to ensure it is dealt with responsibly. Unfortunately general household recycling schemes don’t offer this facility. So many cosmetic products inevitably don’t get recycled because of their complex structures such as what you find in a pump, a metal spring inside a plastic housing that's hard to break apart. Also, not all plastics will be recycled by household recycling centres.

To provide a solution to this we launched the Baie Circular Recycling Scheme which takes back our hard to recycle plastic packaging to ensure it is recycled through a specialist recycler, Terracycle. This is our contribution to moving towards a circular economy. Every part of the product, cap, pump, collar and bottle metal or silver, will be recycled, enabling you to give a second life to your used Baie packaging.

While there is a sizeable cost involved in ensuring these items are recycled correctly, for helping us to with our mission, that items don't end up in landfill. We wanted to offer you something in return, because most schemes don't offer anything and we believe that this joint effort . That is why we are offering our customers a meaningful rewards incentive for your efforts!

To check what plastics your local services will accept (for the UK), please go to and choose to add your postcode to see what you can recycle from home.

Download your FREE Recycling returns label here to get started.


It’s all about shopping, recycling, and earning rewards! Join us in our journey to more sustainable skincare packaging by returning your empty and used bottles.

Earn as much as 50 points when you return a minimum of 5 items to qualify for Baie Circular and a maximum of 10 items per shipment. You can refer to the table below for the point system.

NOTE: If returning the Discovery Set, only the Serum, Face Wash, and Enzyme Cleanser bottles are eligible for return and will be counted as 1 item since they come from one set.
If returning the Double Cleanse Edit, the Face Wash and Enzyme Cleanser bottles will be counted as 1 item since they come from one set.

natural face cleanser, natural face wash, organic daily face wash
natural face cleanser, natural face wash, organic daily face wash

You can reuse one of our boxes or any other packaging to return the items. Just download, print and attach our label to the package.

Once we receive your shipment, awards points will be added to your account within 7 working days.

With regards to our ongoing commitment to a circular economy, we will use up all packaging we have on hand and continue with our scheme to ensure it gets dealt with responsibly and gets given a second life. However, we are dedicated to switching to glass in the future. Our mission is to switch all our product packaging to glass bottles and jars, furthermore, investing in more sustainable alternatives for our range. 

Thank you for supporting us in our journey!

natural face cleanser, natural face wash, organic daily face wash

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Check out our FAQs for more information.

natural face cleanser, natural face wash, organic daily face wash

Get to know us!

 Get to know the woman behind Baie Botanique and how we came to be here.

Get to know the woman behind Baie Botanique
and how we came to be here.