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Hello and welcome to the Baie Club!  I’m Sophie Oliver, the founder of Baie Botanique.

I started Baie Botanique 5 years ago as a busy working mum, because I wanted to use plant based, luxurious skincare products that minimised the inevitable signs of ageing I was noticing happen to me but without the harsh chemicals found in conventional skincare which I decided I no longer wanted to use. Most importantly I didn't want to compromise on the texture and skin feel of the formulations I’d come to love over my many years working in the beauty industry.

I made it my mission to produce products that feel as luxurious as high end synthetic skincare products, with the same efficacy, but at a lower price point and with natural and organic ingredients that I am comfortable to use on my skin.

As a vegan myself it goes without saying that Baie Botanique had to be cruelty free and not consist of any animal by products.

I’m excited to have you join us . . . . .

Sophie x


We are immensely passionate about leading a cruelty free and sustainable lifestyle, not only with respect to animal testing but from the standpoint of not afflicting cruelty or suffering of any kind to any being. This is our guiding principle and it affects every decision we make about what to put into our bodies, quite apart from the substantial health benefits that these decisions bring.

All of Baie Botanique's products are guaranteed 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free. We set out to create a powerful botanical skincare range loaded with pure and natural ingredients and a high organic content whilst keeping preservatives to a minimum and always striving to find the most gentle and natural preservative system to save the skin from unnecessary irritation – Simply allowing the plants to work their magic as nature intended.

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