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How do I use my Baie Botanique products?

It's something we often get asked, so here you will find everything (hopefully) you need to know to answer that question.

First things first, we start with our Cleanse this is an important step in any skincare routine to remove dirt and debris from the skin and prepare it for the application of the other products that you will use.



I don't necessarily recommend using a cleansing product in the morning.
The reason is that mother nature gave our skin sebum which is a personalised natural moisturiser. After waking in the morning our skin simply needs a freshen, this can be done by wiping the skin with a rosewater soaked cotton wool pad. My preference is to wash my hands and then instead of drying them I run them over my face and neck to remove any residue from products applied the night before and towel dry.

For people who simply like to cleanse in the morning or with oily or very oily skin, this could be the exception to that rule or indeed if you live in a hot climate and you are hot when you sleep causing the skin to sweat. In these cases, I would recommend  a single cleanse either face wash or cleansing milk depending on preference.

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Now cleansing at the end of the day is a completely different story. This is when we need to cleanse our skin deeply to remove the buildup of dirt and pollution, makeup or SPF that has built up during the day.

If wearing makeup or SPF I would recommend that you double cleanse. Start with cleansing milk on dry skin massaging it over the face and neck and then removing with a warm damp cloth.

best natural face products, best natural day cream


Follow with the Face Wash to deeply cleanse away any remaining or leftover dirt or debris. Even if you have no makeup on but you've been exercising or had a busy day out and about, I would still recommend doing a double cleanse at the end of the day. 

If your skin has seen very little action during the day you should be fine with a single cleanse with cleansing milk or face wash.


Pay particular attention to any areas of more dense makeup for example eyes and lips, these areas might be best removed with the use of a cotton wool pad and the Enzyme Cleanser applied directly to the pad and swept over the area, repeat until all makeup has been removed.

Doing it that way means that you don't spread that makeup all over the face as it dissolves massaging it into your pores.



  • Double cleanse in the evening Enzyme Cleanser followed by the Face Wash unless your skin doesn't warrant it
  • It is not necessary to use a product to clean your skin in the am unless you have been sweating or have oily skin

Tone and  treat


You can use rose water or other toners to close your pores after cleansing, alternatively a splash of cold water or ending your cleanse with a cold damp face cloth will help close your pores.

Our Rose Renew Serum does a good job of toning the skin. The combination of organic rosewater, organic aloe vera, and organic witch hazel does a good job of toning the skin so it is not imperative to use a separate toner.

The serum is best applied to damp skin because it improves the absorption of the active ingredients and helps to lock in hydration.

best natural face products, best natural day cream


  • It is not necessary to use a separate toner to tone your skin
  • For best results always apply your serum to damp skin



Once we have treated our skin with our serum we want to use a moisturiser to help hold in the moisture from the serum and keep the skin protected from external aggrevators such as harsh weather, pollution or drying elements such as air conditioning.

As with the Serum, moisturisers should also be applied to damp skin that is damp from cleansing if you choose to skip the serum or whilst the serum is still damp on the skin, before it has dried. 


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When using our Rose Renew facial oil it can be used either before or after the face cream. Some people believe that oils should be applied after moisturisers especially if they are quite heavy oils others believe that if they are light then they should be used before. Oils generally form an occlusive layer meaning that they create a barrier to prevent water loss, if creams containing water or rosewater go on top the water in them could have difficulty penetrating through the layer of oil. I personally agree with those who believe that when a facial oil is light it is best applied before the moisturiser and in the case of our moisturiser and face cream that is what I prefer because our facial oil is much lighter than the face cream. I would advise that if in any doubt try it both ways and see what feels best on your skin.

We have several options for moisturising depending on your skin type and preference

best natural face products, best natural day cream
best natural face products, best natural day cream


  • Moisturisers be it Face Cream or Facial Oil always goes on after Serum
  • For best results always apply your moisturisers to damp skin

Eye Cream 


Our Regenerating Eye Cream is for all skin types and an amount the size of a grain of rice is all that is needed. Apply to ring fingers and gently tap around the eye contour.

Apply 4-5 dots of product about a cm apart starting at the inner corner of the eye near the bridge of the nose along the underneath of the eye brow out to where crow's feet would be, and then  downward along the orbital bone keeping it 1 cm away from the lashes. Your Eye Cream can be applied morning, and evening.

Avoid placing eye cream too close to your eye, that is on the eyelid or near the lash line because the product travels when it warms up with your body temperature aND that might allow the product to enter and irritate your eye which could result in puffiness.

At what stage in my skincare routine do I apply my eye cream?

One easy rule of thumb to keep in mind is that usually, you should apply products based on thickness. If your eye cream is richer and heavier than your moisturiser, it should go on top. If it's lighter then it should go before. If it’s a similar weight then it’s simply down to preference.

So for example when using only the Serum and Facial Oil it would go after the Facial Oil if using the Serum and Face Cream as it's similar in richness as the Face Cream it could go before or after depending on preference and when applying Serum, Facial Oil and Face Cream it would go either before or after the Face Cream.

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  • Be cautious not to apply your Eye Cream too close to your eyes
  •  Eye Cream is suitable for everyone

General recommendations for..........

Normal Skin types

For normal skin types, both cleansers are suitable and you could go straight to the Facial Oil after the Serum. That's what I would recommend. It provides my skin with enough hydration and a nice glow. I do know a lot of ladies with normal skin who like to use the face cream during the day. For normal skin, it could be either Facial Oil for a lighter moisturisation or Face Cream for something a little richer or if you just prefer to use a cream.

 Drier Skin types

After cleansing with either cleanser, I would definitely still recommend following with the Serum as that is going to add an extra layer of hydration and deliver a potent cocktail of actives and then I would recommend to follow on with either the Face Cream on it’s own this might be enough but if not I would layer the Facial Oil underneath the face cream by gently rubbing it in the palms to warm it up and pressing it onto the skin.

Oilier Skin types

For oilier skin types I would recommend cleansing with either the Face Wash or Enzyme Cleanser and following with the Serum and this might be enough. If you feel you want something a little more I would try adding a few drops of Facial Oil to your palm and pressing it lightly onto the cheeks, forehead and neck avoiding the T-Zone. At night time I would recommend using the face cream as the 5% Glycolic acid it contains which works well to help clear the skin

 I really hope the above is helpful in answering your questions. If you have any further queries with regards to using your products I will be very happy to answer them you can reach me at and mark the email FOA of Sophie.

Bye for now!

Sophie x