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It can be quite difficult to know how to make your skin look and feel its best with so many products on the market.

Luckily, our founder is here to personally offer free and unbiased advice that will help make you feel secure in your skincare choices.

Sophie has a great wealth and breadth of knowledge in the beauty industry.

With almost 30 years experience gaining her qualification as a beauty therapist back in 1991.

Sophie later went on to work for many high end beauty brands in store.

Later formally training to become a makeup artist.

Sophie spent 20 years working with women of every age and all manner of clients from celebrity clients and models to brides and stay at home mums. Covering industries from Film & TV to Music, Editorial and Fashion.

Book a 20 minute appointment personalised to your unique needs and claim an exclusive introductory 20% off against a purchase made within 7 days of your consultation!      
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What to expect

1. We will cover a little holistic background including diet and lifestyle.

2. We will discuss your particular skin issues or concerns. 

3. What products you currently use and how and when you use them.
(Please have this information ready in advance of our call.)

4. Recommendations for a routine using or incorporating our product

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