Rose features across our entire product range, which might have made you wonder why we focus so heavily on this natural ingredient. If you have used our products, you’ll probably already have a good understanding of just how effective they are, but what role does rose play in this, and what does rose renew really mean? Read on to find out…

award winning eye cream, natural eye cream, natural face cream, natural serumROSE RENEW EXPLAINED...

Put simply, the name Rose Renew is linked to the two main ingredients in our skincare range - Rose and Rosehip. Both are well known for their benefits to the skin, particularly when it comes to caring for our skin from 30 and beyond. The main benefit of Rose in skincare is deep regeneration, which is key to skin health and all aspects of what is needed to have glowing and youthful skin. 

award winning eye cream, natural eye cream, natural face cream, natural serum


Rose has been named a ‘skincare hero’ because of how powerful it is and the many benefits that it can offer. Here are a few of those benefits…

Moisturising: Rose helps the skin to retain moisture, working to condition, sooth and smooth dehydrated skin. 

Antibacterial: It works to naturally reduce bacteria in the skin which may cause spots and blemishes. Rose naturally cleanses and soothes the skin, for an all round clear and balanced complexion.

Anti-Inflammatory: Rose has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps to soothe sensitive skin. It’s great for redness, eczema and rosacea. 

Antioxidant: It’s packed full of vitamin C, which fights against free radicals that can cause premature ageing and protects the skin from environmental aggressors. This keeps the skin looking young and healthy. 

Balancing: Rose also helps to balance the skin by controlling excess oil production, while also working to retain moisture. This results in skin that’s well hydrated, but not oily. 

award winning eye cream, natural eye cream, natural face cream, natural serum


Rose has been used for the skin and overall health for thousands of years because of the many benefits it has to offer. In addition to caring for the skin, rose has also been used throughout history to soothe sore throats, prevent and cure infections, heal cuts and burns, improve the appearance of scarring, as a mood enhancer and to relieve headaches. It’s also known to improve digestion. 

Our products all contain organic ingredients, including Rose water, and Rosehip seed oil. Rose absolute features across the entire product line. This ensures that each product benefits from potent and natural rose which has a remarkably positive impact on the skin. It’s especially great at supporting ageing skin, providing protection from free radicals and improving moisture levels and texture. 


Harnessing the full potential of the Rose plant by extracting core elements at crucial stages of its botanical lifecycle results in an amplification of the plants effects on the skin.

Baie Botanique was created with a whole plant "Flower to Seed" approach to formulating skincare, embracing nature as the ultimate formulator. A flowers purpose is to reproduce. In order to do so, an intricate process must take place which results in seeds developing inside of the plants fruit. In the case of a Rose that fruit is the Rosehip. Extracts from both Rose and Rosehip feature in every product across the Rose Renew line.

Alongside organic Rose, our products also contain a variety of natural skin-loving ingredients that support and enhance your skin further. From licorice and lemon balm to jojoba oil and wild geranium, each ingredient in our products work in harmony together to promote bright, healthy, clear and smooth younger looking skin. 

Each and every product carries the name ‘Rose Renew’ and focuses on using the intense yet subtle power of rose and Rosehip to deeply regenerate the skin. In addition, plant stem cells feature heavily in the range to support the regeneration process further. All of this results in a healthy and radiant complexion. 

Now that you understand more about Rose Renew, browse our range of organic and natural skincare and create the perfect routine for your skin...


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