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Article: Natural Beauty and Motherhood: Top 3 Mindful Practices to Age Gracefully for Women - Baie Botanique

Natural Beauty and Motherhood: Top 3 Mindful Practices to Age Gracefully for Women - Baie Botanique

Natural Beauty and Motherhood: Top 3 Mindful Practices to Age Gracefully for Women - Baie Botanique

Regardless of one’s cultural upbringing, motherhood is a shared and lived experience of women worldwide. They say that motherhood is a never-ending journey, from the conception of a child to raising their family; mothers carry with them a lifetime of lessons from generations of sisters, daughters, and fellow mothers. 

“Motherhood is hard enough without judgement from others who don’t know the whole story.”

—Sarah Addison Allen, "First Frost" 

It's interesting how Earth is often related to femininity, being seen as a nurturing force even when humanity sometimes neglects its care.  But just like the wisdom of mothers, we can learn so much when we trace back to how Mother Nature sees age, shapes, sizes, and processes as all part of the grand scheme of things.

Think about it - every stretch mark resembling lightning across the sky, each discoloration reflecting the diverse colors in biodiversity, and every stretch and fold evoking natural occurrences. It's like nature is a canvas, telling a story of ageless and shapeless beauty in every line and hue.

 The gift of Mother Nature continues to amaze us at Baie Botanique, with our brand creator and mother of two, Sophie; we believe that we have created a safe space for women, regardless of their ethnicity, age, and skin concerns. We have faith in what we do, through bottling nature’s best for your skin. 

Our goal is to tap into nature's potency, through honest formulas and the best botanical actives and organic ingredients. Our products are our gift to women worldwide, to rejuvenate and achieve their best skin goals without compromising on a luxurious and eco self-care experience by harnessing nature and natural beauty. 

With this goal, we would like to share with you, 3 Mindful Practices for embracing motherhood and aging gracefully and naturally, the Baie Botanique way. 

1. Mindful Consumption 

Remaining sharp and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is where it’s really at. Be mindful of what you intake, where you get your food and drinks from, and how it is sourced. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants, Omega-3, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Always remember that you deserve to eat healthy and nutritious meals based on your diet. Avoid synthetic additives in your food and drink adequate amounts of water every day depending on your lifestyle and age. Be it through water on its own or through plants and fruit rich in water and vital minerals.
And, one thing to also remember, is that consumption is not only what we eat but also what we allow to take space in our lives. With this, we should be mindful of the media we see and read and our social media usage. Being mindful of everything that we consume, not only helps us to become a better individual but also promotes a safe space for ourselves. 

2. Mindful Relationships

We should not only maintain a healthy and active lifestyle but also maintain a positive attitude and a stable group of friends and family as a good support system. When we connect with others who share the same experiences, we can understand ourselves better and feel more comfortable and reassured. 

Another way to connect with others is to find like-minded people; finding someone who shares your hobbies or enjoys the same things that you do can positively impact your mental and emotional well-being. A mindful relationship is defined by the ability to grow mutually, start making more meaningful conversations, and enrich ideas.  

Gratitude, compassion, and acceptance are the keys to a healthy relationship.

3. Mindful Self-Care 

Find something you truly enjoy that’s both physically and mentally good for your mind and body. Doing small stretches throughout the day, joining a yoga class, or even low-intensity workout routines are always game-changing.

With all the pollutants around us, it's important to ensure that your skin feels clean after a long day. Unlike other skincare products, we made sure that our products do their job but don't take away the essentials oils in your skin. A clean face should not be equal to dry and patchy skin, rather, it should still be able to retain its natural moisture. 

Making the most of the outdoors, playing with your kids, or enjoying your picnic date outside with your family means sun exposure. The sun ages our skin, but we don't have to worry when we have the right sunscreen and protection to ensure we lessen the appearance of sun spots and avoid getting sun damage allowing us to have more fun days under the sun. 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 and Mother’s Day, this March 10; we from Baie Botanique offer our deepest gratitude to all of our supporters, especially the Mothers who include us in their daily routine for happier and healthier skin and in their journey in Motherhood. It is truly an exciting adventure to formulate good and honest products for women who love clean beauty routines. 



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